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Research Papers


The National Banking and Securities Commission has conducted several analyzes about companies, commercial banks and other financial intermediaries, as part of its activities of development and publication of studies that might increase the knowledge and understanding of the financial sector in Mexico.


Research Papers 2013

           ​CNBV Economic Studies, Volume 2, 2013​
​Market Discipline in Bank Debt Issue in Mexico: Is the Market Responding to the Fundamentals?
Abstract Paper
Financing of Businesses in Mexico and Latin America: A Counterfactual Approach
Abstract Paper
Trade Credit: Indicative of Bank Credit Levels in Mexico?
Abstract Paper
The Impact of Government Guarantees on the Termins of Loans Granted to Enterprises
Abstract Paper
The Payroll Account in Mexico: The Perspective of Financial Service Demanders and Offerers
Abstract Paper
 Decision-making when Faced with Irrelevant Alternatives: Neither Rational nor Irrational
Abstract Paper


Research Papers 2012

​​CNBV Economic Studies, Volume 1, 2012​​
​A Micro-economic Perspective​ of Banking in Mexico: The Role of Heterogeneity and Commitment
Changes in the Securities Market Law, the Informative Value of Announcements and the Use of Insider Information
Micro Businesses in Mexico: Reasons to Start Them, Expectations, Size and Financing
An Analysis of the Factors that Increased Liquidity Risk in Mexico's Mortgage SOFOLES
Foreign Banking in Mexico: Ares There Motives to Worry?
​Simple vs Revolving Corporate Credit: When and For What?
The Impact of Bank Correspondents on Financial Inclusion: A First Evaluation
What Do Surveys Tell Us About Bank Credit to Businesses in Mexico? A Comparative Study


Research Papers 2011

​Probabilities of default​​ and the market price of risk in a distressed economy.​​
​​Sovereign spreads: Global risk aversion, contagion or fundamentals?​


Research Papers 2010 

​​Regulatory use of system-wide estimations of PD, LGD and EAD.



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